Thursday, November 24, 2011

From the Paleo King :)

I am so thankful that I got someone to do this challenge with me! Aaron is either really dedicated to his fitness or was really trying to please me! Here is what he thought of the Paleo Challenge:

Well where to start...I am however very committed in my well being and my health... good health=good life!! blank.gif

I was lucky to get a job at 24 Hour fitness where I continue my daily health and workout routine. Overall, I thought I ate pretty well; I never really ate ice cream or hot dogs, etc., so my diet plan was acceptable for me. One day when I walked into work, I noticed that there was this beautiful, new girl working in memberships; I was like, "Hey whoas!!! who is this???" Her name is Shelby; she too is devoted to working out and she is a health freak just like I am! Fortunately, she got past my ghost-busters vacuum duty and we started to talk. One day we were talking about eating habits and she suggested that we try a paleo challenge. I was like, "What the foo-foo is paleo?" After countless hours of talking with her and researching the plan, I finally figured out that commitment is all you need to have in order to do it. I was very hesitant to do this; not having my bread or milk with protein was a no-go for me. But she convinced me otherwise, and we started the "30 Day Paleo Challenge". I, as well as others, thought we were nuts, but I got past that and really tried to focus on the end goal... and that was to get in shape.

Day 1 was weird; I had to get used to what I was going to eat for the next 31 days. Anytime I needed the support or had any questions I could go to Shelby for advice. 

The first week and half wasn't too bad...I liked eating the "paleo foods"; I kept it really simple: EGGS and CHICKEN! After a while that got really old and I needed to spice things up; that was when the challenge really kicked in. It would have been so easy to give in and have a bowl of cereal or go to Subway for a turkey sandwich, but I got though the pain and cravings by talking to Shelby and staying focused. 

After about the second week, I finally started to adjust to the food and started to eat a larger variety, like veggies; I used to hate veggies, but now it's all I eat. I love carrots and bell peppers. blank.gifYum!! This is also around the time that I started to do CrossFit with Shelby at our gym, and I immediately fell in love with CrossFit.

By the middle of week 3, I really started to notice more muscle definition and higher energy levels throughout the day. I FELT GREAT!!!! I was always in a happy mood and never had that sick feeling that you get when you eat bad food... I wish I could express how I felt, so you fellow readers could understand, but I can't...its something you will have to do in order to experience what we felt.

With ONE WEEK left and Thanksgiving around the corner, I was ready for it to be done so I could eat some freakin' pie. I came to realize that I don't ever want this to be over. I love they way I feel; yes I will smack down on some mashed potatoes, jell-o, and pumpkin pie, but tomorrow it is right back on the diet...(excuse me...back on the lifestyle). This is who I am and how I eat now.

I love applying my chicken cooking skills, I love eating fruits and veggies.. I also love going to restaurants, ordering a naked chicken salad, and feeling great when I walk out the door. How many of you could honestly say that you feel great after chowing down at Old C's or most other restaurants??? Not many!! 

Overall, I feel great, I look great, and my overall lifestyle is great. I am so thankful that I met Shelby because I would never have completed this Challenge. Yes, after completing this diet I got my health to where it needs to be, but more importantly, I got a best friend who will never leave my side, and I will never leave her's.

If you are thinking about making a lifestyle change for better health and well-being.. all I can say is don't think.. JUST DO!!!!

Happy Holidays to all,
Aaron :) 

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